Cowbell Creek has animals, lots of animals. Highland cows, dairy cows, horses, alpacas, chooks, ducks, wallabies, dogs and cats. They make sense of the vast landscape that is Cowbell Creek, the mountains, hills, valleys and creeks all look better for their presence. Your guests will get a buzz when they enter the gates and start to visually check off the different species on their bingo card, not quite Africa’s Big Five but Highland Cows, Clydesdales and Alpacas are Austinville’s Medium Three.


Cowbell Creeks animals look great in the background but they can really make your photos shine. Our staff are on hand to muster and marshal them for your portrait photos and to supervise a group feeding just before reception for guests that want to get a little closer and maybe snap a selfie.

Not to get too high and mighty about it but we do get asked; we are vegos (no judgement on anyone else) and don’t sell any of our animals. In short, Cowbell Creek’s furry inhabitants live a safe and peaceful life. Yes they have to smile for the odd photo but everyone needs to earn their keep on a farm. We do breed highland cows so generally have little ones as well as big ones.


Hopefully we can introduce you and your guests to our extended family soon.

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