Dog people love their dogs. So it makes sense that they should be a part of any wedding celebration. Cowbell Creek is a dog friendly venue albeit with some rules. Pooches are welcome as long as there is a pet minding service engaged to manage them. Most will help with all aspects of grooming, dressing (think bow ties and necklaces), handling, chauffeuring and babysitting. Tracey can recommend a number of excellent suppliers that offer this service.


Dogs are our best friends and at your wedding they will: add a sense of fun, charm your guests and take a starring role in your photos. Their friendly little faces and general positive vibes give shy guests the chance to come in for a pat and chat with other dog lovers. It’s not often you have a photographer on call so take advantage of this and include your little bestie in your portrait session. Dogs are the best people so why not include them in your Cowbell Creek wedding?


Highland cow Missy at Cowbll CreekFurry friends of Cowbell Creek
Cowbell Creek Pergola CeremonyLocation, location, location at Cowbell Creek.

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