Many moons ago before Cowbell Creek existed as a wedding venue we worked in the visual arts, primarily graphic design. This background has had a big influence on how we view the property and how we would like guests to view it. From first concepts, meetings with architects and planners right through to where we are today we have had a couples finished wedding album in mind. Before we start any project we think about how it will be photographed or filmed. Light is everything so before we begin a new building project we have to think about summer versus winter light, wet days and dry days, sight lines, access and ultimately if a project’s finished images will add to the overall quality of a couples album.

With this in mind we began work on our tractor shed renovation. We wanted a space that added visually to the landscape but also gave us a contrast to our more polished wedding barn. We wanted a space that could evolve when time and budget allowed and that gave us options for use on wet and dry days. It also needed to be easy to access, time management during a photoshoot is vitally important. Once you have lost light there is no getting it back which is why we have continued to focus on structures and zones that maximise a photographer’s time and can be used at any point during the shoot allowing the creatives to chase perfect natural light.

Stage one was to create the building shell with a floor plan that would allow for three independent spaces; a main hall, a green house and a billiard room. The main hall with its chandelier and weatherboard doors allows for multiple shots, from the inside out and outside in (great for wet or dark days). The Green house makes more intimate shots surrounded by foliage possible (regardless of weather) and gives contrast to the darker tones achieved in The milking shed. The billiard room is still in progress but we hope it will give us an option to shoot the groomsmen as a group in a relaxed space. We also wanted the exterior to offer multiple options, the barn itself can be shot from three directions, each giving a different look which is great for bridal party shoots. We use and will use these spaces on wet and dry days but they really come into their own when the weather turns.

The goal is to have our venue perform equally well for photographers and videographers no matter what mother nature dishes up and to allow couples to decide how much time is allocated to bridal and portrait photography without compromising the quality of their finished album.
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